Senior Specialist Child and Young Persons Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor (Children & Adults)

Penny is our senior specialist counsellor who works with young people, children and teenagers. She has extensive experience working with a range of issues including early trauma, anxiety, school phobia, eating issues, exam stress and neurodivergent young people.

Penny’s career has been dedicated to supporting those with emotional and psychological difficulties even prior to her training. She worked providing therapeutic and teaching support to vulnerable women in women’s refuges prior to her working as a specialist therapeutic and behavioural support worker in an SEN specialist school for 10 years where she supported children struggling with various emotional difficulties such as autism, anxiety and learning and behavioural problems.

Penny also sees young adults for therapy and offers clinical supervision to other child and adolescent counsellors as well as adult counsellors and school support workers.

She has a special interest and specialism in working with children and teenagers who have experienced trauma during their early childhood as well as those struggling with anxiety around study and exams at GCSE, A level and University. Penny also specialises in work with Neurodivergent young people struggling to make sense of mainstream life.

To ensure the best possible care for your young person, Penny has an initial meeting with the parent(s) or carer(s) of young people aged 16yrs and under before counselling meetings begin. This is to establish the most effective service can be offered to your child.

Penny holds a masters degree (MA) in Counselling Children and Young People and a degree (BA) in Therapeutic Communications in Organisations as well as a cert in clinical psychodynamic supervision.

Fees:   Children, teenagers and young people £60    Supervision fees are also £60.

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